How To Paint The Pool?

With the summer just around the corner, it is time to review and condition one of our favorite places to cool off in the summer. Let's talk about the pool! That place that we like so much to enjoy in summer with our family and friends. If you are lucky enough to be able to have a swimming pool at home, read on because below we will show you how to update and renew it easily.

Paint your pool in the most effective way possible, thanks to the following tips we show you the keys necessary to paint and maintain your pool as new. We help you apply pool paint easily like a professional without having to be an expert.


How To Choose The Right Paint For My Pool?

- Chlorinated rubber pool paints :

It is the paint used for swimming pools currently and the one we recommend the most thanks to its excellent quality, maximum resistance and durability. It is a waterproof paint, resistant to water, fungi and the large number of chemicals used in pool maintenance, good adhesion and also excellent drying.

- Paint for water pools :

Water-based paint is also an excellent option, it has in its, favor the advantage of being a paint that does not smell and is easier to apply than chlorinated rubber paints, on the contrary, they are less resistant and durable, but it is still an excellent option before the formation of molds or algae and has a high resistance to alkalinity that occurs in water, protecting the surface from deterioration.

What paint to buy for swimming pools?

In any case, our highest priority will be to buy high-quality paint for the pool, one of the most important factors to obtain the best result together with a correct application. We do not advise buying too cheap paints that can lose color and impermeability soon after being applied.

A very important factor when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool that has already been previously painted knows what paint it was made with as there are different types of paint, and not all of them are compatible with each other.

If you do not know what paint the pool was painted with, it is always advisable to use water-based paint, because chlorinated rubber paint contains solvents that could damage the surface, in case of doubt, you should always use water-based pool paint.