Color Guide For Interior Decoration

If you’ve ever been looking at a wall full of color swatches and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. As we mentioned in the previous post, there is no magic wand that tells us which colors are correct for a room, and we must know how to interpret what possibilities we have and what results from what we want to obtain. For this, I have prepared a small guide that will help you when selecting one color or another.

The Neutrals

They are a bet on insurance, and I consider that the tones work best, if you want a magazine the neutral tones are one of the best options to achieve an optimal result, apart from achieving an effect of amplitude, they are a very solid base, due because it is very easy to make them fit with the rest of the elements, gray, beige, tan…. you choose!!

The target

Clean, fresh, spacious … and it combines with everything, if the colors tire you, it may be time to try white. As a personal note, if you are looking for a warm house, white is a double-edged sword, it is taking off work in a first phase, but that somehow you will have to compensate in the next step if you do not want the result to be too cold and bland.


It seems an unimportant detail, but it is one of the starting points, once the hue is selected one of the most important aspects is saturation, perhaps it is a word little used in decoration, but it is one of the basic pillars, saturation We perceive it as the intensity of the color, we say that a tone is saturated when it transmits the maximum power of pigmentation, the opposite of a saturated tone is a pastel tone (this term will be more familiar to you). Pastel tones are a very good way to bring color to a room in a subtle way, and they condition less than a saturated tone.

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